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Fitting in and Standing Out: Shifting Mindsets from Taking to Giving - Adam Grant

Fitting In and Standing Out: Shifting Mindsets from Taking to Giving 
- Adam Grant

Grant suggests that when we interact with other people, we face a tension between two competing motivations: fitting in and standing out. On one hand, we want to belong—to experience similarity with othern; on the other hand, we want to feel unique—to differentiate ourselves from others.

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Fitting In and Standing Out

Adam Grant is the youngest tenured professor and highest-rated teacher at Wharton. He has been named one of the world’s 40 best business professors under 40 and one of Businessweek’s favorite professors, and he is a leading expert on success, work motivation, and helping and giving behaviors. Previously, he was a record-setting advertising director at Let’s Go Publications, an All-American springboard diver, and a professional magician.

Bio Source: 5-16-13

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