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Put Your Mindset to Work: The Secret Weapon in Winning, Keeping, and Flourishing in the Best Jobs - Paul Stoltz, James Reed

Putting Your Mindset To Work: The Secret Weapon in Winning, Keeping, and Fourishing in the Best Jobs! -Paul Stoltz & James Reed

Stoltz and Reed, after formally surveying thousands of the world’s top employers, conclude that "Mindset" utterly trumps "Skillset". 

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Putting Your Mindset to Work

James Reed is he chairman of Reed Global and is considered the top U.K. authority on recruitment.

Paul G. Stoltz, PhD, is a leading authority on the on the science of mindset—assessing and strengthening human capacity, resilience, and agility. He is the  author of The Adversity Quotient.

Bio Source: 8-9-12

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