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Right Fights: Making Conflict Productive - Saj-nicole Joni

Right Fights: Making Conflict Productive - Saj-nicole Joni

Joni suggest that your job as a leader isn’t to eliminate dissonance–your job is to make conflict productive. You and your team must stop fighting about everything that doesn’t matter and start fighting, in a high-minded manner, about what really matters. Start by asking yourself: Is this the right fight to fight?

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Right Fights: Making Conflict Productive

Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed business strategist currently serving as a Trustee of the New England Conservatory and on the advisory board of the Simmons School of Management. She has appeared on National Public Radio’s Marketplace, and in publications including The Harvard Business Review, strategy+business, and Fast Company and is the author of a number of books including The Third Opinion and The Right Fight (with co-author Damon Beyer).

Bio Source: 8-2-12

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