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Innovate or Perish. Your Strategy? 10 Rules from Kevin & Jackie Freiberg and Dain Dunston

Innovate or Perish! What's Your Strategy? 

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, someone, somewhere right now is building a product, process or business model designed to kick your butt. Why can’t it be you?

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Innovate or Perish! What's Your Strategy? 


Kevin & Jackie Freiberg and Dain Dunston
 are the authors of and Nanovation: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold. Kevin and Jackie are husband and wife, entrepreneurs, business partners, and bestselling authors, including the international bestseller, NUTS! the detailed, behind the scenes story of how Southwest Airlines’ created the greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation. Dain Dunston has helped some of the world’s smartest companies build cultures of innovation. For more than 25 years, he’s coached leaders on how to communicate with their teams to build enterprises that are well branded.

Bio Source:, 4/16/12

"Improve Performance, Reach Your Goals and Achieve Success!"

The powerful techniques in this report have helped countless people reach their goals and realize their dreams.
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